5 Surprising Benefits of Indoor Paper Sacks You Need to Know About

5 Surprising Benefits of Indoor Paper Sacks You Need to Know About

a woman gardening with a brown paper bag at her side

They’re one of the most boring, unassuming products we carry – but they’re also one of the most surprising. Paper sacks got their start way back in 1852 and developed in 1871 into the flat-bottomed ones we’re familiar with today. Small ones hold groceries and lunches, while larger models can be found in most gardens and businesses.

While indoor paper sacks aren’t designed to be left outside for extended periods, they can certainly be made useful both inside and outside the home. Here are our top 5 most unexpected benefits of paper bags (and how they can help make your life easier).

1. They’re 100% Biodegradable

Yes, this is probably the most well-known benefit of indoor paper sacks, but it deserves to be mentioned again. Paper sacks only take about a month to decompose, compared to the 5-10 years required to break down a discarded plastic bag. This attribute makes them perfectly suited to both indoor and outdoor organics disposal. They can even be composted afterward, making it easy to move organic waste from your kitchen caddy to your composting bin.

2. They’re Waterproof

Bet you didn’t expect this one! But it’s true – paper sacks, like the ones we carry, can be made from waterproof paper. Gone are the days of tossing out used teabags only to find that they’ve soaked right through your bin liner. Our waterproof indoor paper sacks keep trash contained, even if the fibers get a little wet. We wouldn’t go so far as to leave them outside in a rainstorm, but they’re perfect for regular use as a bin liner. 

3.They’re Sturdy and Tear-Resistant

It’s happened to all of us at one point or another. We’re gathering the trash for the curb, we lift it out of the bin, and – snag – one sharp corner pierces through, puncturing the plastic and splitting open in seconds. Suddenly, a ten-second trip to the curb becomes a ten-minute cleanup.

Well, with indoor paper bags, you don’t have to worry about that ever again. Paper sacks are resistant to these kinds of punctures and tears, which is why they’re so popular as garden waste receptacles. Our garden sacks even have specially designed “block bottoms,” which helps make filling easier and prevents accidental tipping. 

4. They’re Perfect Companions for Your Kitchen

Sure, indoor paper sacks are waterproof, sturdy, and biodegradable, but what about the smell? Well, that’s our favourite surprise about paper bags: because the fibers permit the passage of air, they actually help reduce odor from waste. 

When organic material is trapped inside a plastic container, moisture has nowhere to go. This makes it the perfect home for bacteria to grow and thrive (and start to stink up the place). You should strive to drain away any extra water content before you throw something into the trash, but it’s not practical to expect that everything will be bone-dry. Paper sacks allow the moisture to safely escape, and will even help absorb some of the odors as they’re produced.

5. There’s a Size for Every Project

Whether you need a small paper liner for your kitchen caddy or a big, full-sized liner to place in a bin at work, indoor paper sacks come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. At Alpha Waste alone, we carry ten different sizes and types of sacks. Go ahead and do what you need to do – our paper bags will be just the right size.

At Alpha Waste, we take our commitment to a cleaner, greener Earth seriously. All of our paper bin liners have the OK Compost and Din Certco Certification, which means that you can rely on them to be fully compostable and reliable. For more information on our range of indoor paper sacks, call our office at 01634-838-540. You can also contact us directly online.