Do You Have a Shredding Policy in Place? Here’s Why You Should

Do You Have a Shredding Policy in Place? Here’s Why You Should

Policy creation: it may not be the most exciting of topics to discuss, we know, but it’s an area of business that can literally make or break the way your organization operates, thus affecting your level of success at the end of the day.

Workplace safety policies, harassment policies, and device use policies aren’t anything new, and are implemented for good reason. Business owners need to protect themselves against the different risks that can occur when a clear policy isn’t written and followed appropriately.

A good policy addresses what is considered acceptable behaviour and indicates specific repercussions for failing to follow that policy. After all, no business owner wants to be held liable for unacceptable behaviour, especially when it involves legalities.

Take a minute to consider the policies you currently have in place for your business; do any of these pertain to the security and management of your critical business documents? If you haven’t guessed it, we are referring to a document shredding policy.


Why Shred?

A common practice in many workplace settings for decades, document shredding has proven to be an effective solution for any organization that creates, shares, and stores confidential information. With a wide variety of shredding services available for every unique need and budget, shredding has also never been easier, more flexible, or more convenient. However, the effectiveness of document shredding doesn’t depend only on the provider or quality of service.

Organizations need to be aware of exactly what files should be shred and ensure those files are in fact destroyed securely. This sounds easy in theory, but it can cause some confusion if your team isn’t informed and on the same page.

What’s Involved in a Shredding Policy?

Employee Training is Essential

Employees need to know which documents require shredding and understand the significance behind secure disposal. In other words, employee training on the matter is absolutely imperative to avoid security risks.  For this reason, it is typical for many workplaces to implement shredding policies that designate one or more of the following things:

  • Which documents require shredding
  • Which documents require saving
  • The duration for which documents should be retained
  • How to determine what documents require shredding


There aren’t any right or wrong answers for how long documents should be kept before being designated for destruction; this can vary widely between organizations depending on the nature of the information and its usage. Some examples of documents that should be destroyed when they are no longer needed include:

  • Invoices / receipts
  • Void checks
  • Expired boarding passes
  • Medical records
  • Bank statements & ATM receipts
  • Expired credit cards, drivers’ licenses and health insurance cards


Successful Implementation

It’s one thing to put together a policy that is clear and easily understood, but it’s another to implement it and encourage/remind employees to comply with it. There are some things you can do and should keep in mind when communicating your policy:

  • Put it in writing for employee reference
  • Use language that is clear and concise to prevent confusion and misunderstandings
  • Explain to employees why this policy is important, and why it needs to be followed
  • Leave written bulletins outlining the policy rules and conditions in accessible locations


Make it Easy with a Shred All Policy

A Shred All policy eliminates the guesswork from your employees. In fact, it’s exactly as it sounds. No longer require an old customer’s file? Shred it. Have old budget sheets that are no longer relevant to your marketing plans? Shred them. When in doubt, a Shred All policy takes care of the deliberation for you. Additionally, the policy minimizes clutter throughout your workplace, which is a huge advantage.


Security Bins for Your Shredding Policy

Now that you’ve determined the need for a shredding policy, you need the resources to make it happen. Alpha Waste provides a selection of quality security bins that make document shredding a breeze. Place these throughout your workplace in high traffic areas and watch as your bins begin collecting all those sensitive files kicking around your office. The best part is that they are fully lockable and accessible through a convenient paper slot. All information remains untouched until your shredding provider proceeds to empty them for destruction purposes.

You can’t have a shredding policy without the proper bins!

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