Frequent Business Traveler? Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with these Tips

Frequent Business Traveler? Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with these Tips


Have you ever thought about what influence your business travel has on the status of our environment? If you have, then you’re likely aware of your carbon footprint each time you fly; in fact, with every flight you increase the carbon emission that’s released into the atmosphere. It’s discouraging to know that the most effective way to travel, is also impacting our environment negatively. There are times when airplane travel is necessary, but there are also situations where alternative methods could be considered to reduce your carbon footprint.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind the next time you travel for business or pleasure.

Are there Alternatives to Flying?

The most obvious way to lessen your carbon footprint is to simply fly less frequently (if possible). Could you get to your destination by train or bus instead? If you have a business trip planned that’s only a few hours away, opting to travel by bus instead of plane can significantly reduce CO2 emissions if it uses renewable energy. If on the other hand your trip requires you to travel much further than this, you might have the option to take a train. Sit back, relax and enjoy the views, while knowing you are doing something good for our environment.

Choose Direct Routes when Possible

Taking different forms of transportation to reach your destination isn’t always available or practical for that matter, and that’s ok. With that said, you can still reduce your impact by making conscious travel decisions that provide a more direct route to your location.  Planes release the most carbon while taking off and landing, so rather than opting for a flight that has one or more stops in between, choose a direct flight that is nonstop, if the choice is offered. If you will be flying internationally, look for a flight that has the least number of stops.

Consider Flying Economy

First and business class takes up more space per seat which also equals additional fuel for each passenger. Although it may or may not appeal to you, it’s important to realize that flying economy is much greener and of course more fuel efficient. If you prefer the upgraded service, we don’t blame you; get those same perks with your travel credit card.

Pack Light

Why bring more than you need? Packing light is not only more convenient, it means you don’t have to lug around a bag that weighs twice as much as you do! Plus, when an airplane is forced to carry heavy luggage, it uses more fuel. Depending on how long your trip is, it’s possible you’ll get by with a carry-on only. If you do need a checked bag, we highly suggest that you pack your necessities only.

Prevent Food and Water Waste

Rather than using multiple plastic bottles that only produces more waste, why not carry a BPA- reusable water bottle with you (providing the water is safe to consume). If the water isn’t safe to drink, always be sure you properly recycle any plastic water bottles.

Find food options that don’t leave you with as much waste such as unnecessary packaging or wrappers. Consider packing your own shopping bags to limit the number of plastic bags you’d otherwise use.

Stay in Eco-friendly Hotels

Hotels use a significant amount of energy from lighting to laundry. Some hotels however are turning to more energy-efficient solutions instead, making them an eco-friendlier choice of stay. Some tactics that hotels have tried are LED lights and high-efficiency thermal insulation. You’ll also notice that an eco-friendly hotel has lower water consumption than a standard hotel. Even big chain hotels are moving towards a more sustainable approach.

Hold Virtual Meetings when Able

Sure, flying can be a fun and exciting adventure if you’re an avid flyer, but sometimes it can be more practical to hold a meeting through a video conference instead. As nice as face to face meetings are, sometimes skype, FaceTime and other video conferencing options are more ideal if the situation allows for it.

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