How a Messy Office Could Lead to Security Risks for Your Business

How a Messy Office Could Lead to Security Risks for Your Business

Confidential business matters flood most offices on an ongoing basis, and as schedules often get hectic among employees, it’s easy to forget certain processes that should remain a top priority. What might this refer to exactly? Most importantly, ensuring your employees are sharing, storing and disposing of sensitive documents in a secure manner is simply imperative in this day and age.

While general awareness surrounding information theft and fraud is increasing, the fact of the matter is, fraudulent crimes pertaining to both continue to take place across the UK. How can your business limit the risks associated with these incidences?

First and foremost, maintaining a work environment that is clutter-free and organized will immediately set the tone for a productive, positive and focused work today. What’s more is that in doing so, your operations and daily business processes should run smoothly without unnecessary distractions which can have the opposite affect. An orderly office will also help your organization in remaining compliant when it comes to the security of private information. Alternatively, if your office appears as though a bomb just went off, then you have some potentially serious security risks to deal with. In fact, an office that screams chaos could lend itself to a security breach, which is not a good situation to be in for any business owner.

How can you create (and sustain) a work environment that keeps you safe from the threat of a data breach? To start, you’ll want to be sure all documents being stored in-house are done so in a secure manner, meaning placed in security bins or secured cabinets, while any documents that no longer serve a purpose for your business, are disposed appropriately. Hiring a certified and experienced document shredding company to look after the secure shredding of your old documents is by far your best and most reliable option out there. What else can you do aside from document shredding to reduce risk of information theft?

Let’s take a look at some common security risks and appropriate solutions to combat these:

Waste Bins Positioned Next to Printer(s)

If your garbage bins are set up next to your office printer, it is highly probable the bins will be used for more than just garbage. Sensitive records that are printed by mistake or forgotten about in error, will usually make their way to the garbage because it’s the easy and quick solution. Sadly this “lazy toss” as it’s sometimes referred to as, results in an immediate security threat because they can be stolen or lost when placed in an unsecured bin. If the wrong individual locates material of interest through dumpster diving, any of it could be used to perform criminal activity, such as information theft.

Solution: Paperwork that contains sensitive matters but no longer requires keeping, should be placed in a lockable security bins before being emptied for shredding. Using these bins guarantees that your documents remain untouched prior to pick-up, keeping your business, employees, and clients safe.

Improper Use of Recycling Bins

Like with garbage bins, recycling bins that are used for paper disposal will leave your business vulnerable to a data breach. Many business owners are making the decision to remove office-sized recycling bins from their office entirely, in an effort to keep private information out of the recycling bin. While we don’t necessarily think this is the only option, it is important to distinguish your collection program and what material belongs where so that recycling bins are used correctly.

Solution: Keep documents separate from recyclables; paper documents should be shred securely prior to recycling; we suggest that your organization follow a shred-all policy to allow for a simple and easy process, employees can follow with ease.

Unrestricted Access to Security Bins

The key(s) for your collection containers should always be stored separately in a secure area. If a key is spotted in plain sight, technically anyone within your office could gain access to confidential details. While no one wants to think that this could ever occur, internal theft is real, and it does happen sporadically. It can be a tempting scenario for curious, wandering eyes.

Solution: Keep keys in a secured storage room or cabinet, and only give access to specific employees who have authority and can be trusted in your company. For service and security, you can trust in, we suggest turning to a document destruction company who will provide your company with durable, lockable consoles to place throughout your office, in high traffic areas. Paper will then be collected, removed, and securely shred so you don’t have to worry about the state of this information. Outsourcing your document shredding is the only method of document destruction that guarantees papers are unrecoverable permanently.

Don’t leave your business in a risky situation when it can be prevented. Contact Alpha Waste to speak to our team about the quality recycling and security bins we provide, and who we partner with in relation to document shredding companies. You will quickly discover why so many businesses depend on our solutions to streamline their recycling and paper disposal habits, while improving their internal security measures.

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