How Can You Improve Recycling Efforts at Your Office?

How Can You Improve Recycling Efforts at Your Office?

As we get settled into 2019, there are probably very few (if any) businesses that don’t have some sort of recycling program in place.  With that said, there are likely many that have very basic recycling processes in place or are limited in what’s available to them. Sometimes, companies are under the impression that they don’t have the resources or funding to increase their office recycling program. We want to make it clear that this is not the case, and there are ways around this. In fact, through some very simple steps you can dramatically improve your current recycling program and save some money while doing it.

To ensure that your recycling system maximizes the potential for recycling, it will take a little time and effort initially to determine what and how to recycle the items collecting in your office. At the end of the day it is important to remember that every contribution counts and implementing these green practices will contribute greatly to bettering our environment, as well as reducing mess around your office. It is a win-win situation for all! Here are 3 recycling tips to incorporate into your office


Paper is still used daily in most offices; while we have cut back on it with electronic information sharing on the rise, there is still significant room for improvement. Did you know that every ton of paper that is recycled saves approximately 17 full grown trees? Before throwing your paper into the recycling bin or worse the trash, why not use these scraps that have only been printed on one side to for keeping notes, reminders, etc. Of course, you’ll want to first make sure that this paper does not have content that is deemed sensitive!

Another simple way to recycle is to reuse manila envelopes and any file folders kicking around. Consider using stickers instead of pen/marker, so you don’t have to scratch anything out, creating a mess. When possible, always buy paper products made from recycled paper. Finally, rather than using packing peanuts, pack items for shipping in used, shredded paper that does not contain confidential information. If the content is private it should be shred by a professional document shredding company that can offer 100% security. Office shredders only shred papers into strips which can be put back together if found by a determined individual. In this case, consider purchasing recycling collection sacks; these are perfect for the collection of sensitive documents; not only are the documents shred but the bag is shred and fully recyclable as well.

Office Supplies

You should make an effort to recycle ink products, like the cartridges you use for printing purposes. Batteries and light bulbs can also be recycled if you incorporate specialty bins into your recycling program. At Alpha Waste, we carry the battery bin which is designed specifically for; you guessed it, batteries! When it comes to arranging you office, why not look for used furniture, décor items, and desk lamps, rather than purchasing brand new. You might find some great deals on attractive paintings, or accent pieces and may even find the perfect touches at a yard sale or thrift store.

Recycling Solutions

Set up recycling bins next to every large trash can and in areas where trash cans fill up quickly, such as by printing stations. Communicate to your staff that you’d prefer they use these over small waste baskets. Of course, this will force your employees to leave their desk more often, but that is definitely not a bad thing!  Also, consider appointing a designated recycling coordinator who will oversee getting the program started and handling your full recycling strategy, which includes cardboard, glass, steel, plastic, and paper products.

Alpha Waste is here to assist you in kicking off a new and improved recycling program for your office!

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