Ideas for recycling unwanted CDs

Ideas for recycling unwanted CDs

CDs and DVDs can’t be recycled and will never completely degrade if consigned to the rubbish tip. However, there are a number of ways you can recycle your unwanted CDs and DVDs without sending them to landfill.


If the discs are in good condition, you could pass them to a charity shop for re-sale to raise money for a good cause. Alternatively, if you’re strapped for cash, try taking your discs to a car boot sale.

What about damaged discs?

CDs or DVDs cannot be placed in your council recycling collection bins. However, your local recycling depots might take them. Your local council will confirm what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

There are quite a few private companies that will accept CDs for recycling and you’ll find what’s available in your area by doing a quick Google search.

Other ideas

The art department at your local school or college might be able to make use of your unwanted discs for creative projects. Your own kids might enjoy making Christmas decorations from CDs or DVDs decorated with glitter and ribbons. Try adding your old discs to your children’s play box and see what they can create.

Old CDs make very effective bird scarers. The light reflected from the discs as they spin in the wind frightens birds away, helping to keep your veggies safe from unwanted nibbling. If you don’t have a garden yourself, try taking your box of discs down to your local allotment and see if anyone there would like to make use of them.

Rather than simply throwing out your old CDs and DVDs so that they finish up in a landfill site, employ a little creative thinking to give them a new purpose and help reduce your carbon footprint too.