Recycling Benefits the Environment – Here’s How it Benefits Your Business Too

Recycling Benefits the Environment – Here’s How it Benefits Your Business Too

recycling benefits your businessReduce, reuse, recycle – We’ve been hearing this saying for decades, but in the hecticness of everyday business, this simple practice can be harder than we think if it isn’t made a priority.

We are all fully aware that recycling is one of the most important processes for helping our environment; not to mention the easiest, so why aren’t more businesses stepping up their recycling game? Sure, it is just as critical on an individual level to recycle, but businesses put out a ton of waste each week, waste that could be significantly reduced by a company-wide recycling plan. According to the Waste Resources Action Programme, a quarter of England’s waste is generated by its businesses and only a third of that is recycled.

If you fancy reducing your internal business costs, boosting staff morale and limiting your impact on the environment, your business should be making recycling a top priority!


Let’s Look at Some Major Benefits:

Environmental Advantages

First and foremost, the environmental benefits of recycling are exponential. Not only does it reduce landfill waste and conserve natural resources, but the simple act of recycling also reduces energy consumption levels and helps to protect our forest and wildlife as well. Did you know that globally, we generate 21.5 million tons of food waste every year? If we composted that food, it would decrease the same amount of greenhouse gas as taking 2 million cars off the road. Another interesting fact to ponder? If we recycled all newspapers, we could save over 250 million trees each and every year.

Reduction in Waste Costs

Recycling is helpful for more than just our environment. Taking the initiative to implement a successful recycling program can also impact your company’s bottom line in a very positive way.  When your commercial business recycles its cans, glass, paper and other materials, this automatically translates to less going into those waste bins and dumpsters on a regular basis. Chances are, your business pays some form of waste management fee, which means there’s room to keep those bills down by producing less overall waste.

Cost Savings on New Purchases

In certain circumstances, the act of recycling alone can save you significant money on purchases. In relation to technology particularly, you can profit financially from your old electronics. While we hope you wouldn’t toss your old computers out in the regular trash to begin with, it’s important to remember that when the time comes to upgrade your computer systems, there are retailers in your area who will accept these in exchange for a small discount on new equipment. Alternatively, there are several recycling centers who will accept your electronic waste if you aren’t ready to make another purchase. Sometimes cost savings are provided when you recycle other electronic waste as well, such as batteries, ink cartridges and more. Always check into your local retailers for details on their current recycling programs. You might just be surprised!

Grant Potential

Companies who place a major emphasis on green initiatives and environmentally conscious products, are often exposed to exciting opportunities as a result of their commitment. Since some non-profits and government agencies offer incentives like grants for businesses that have recycling programs in place, recycling may in fact lead to additional funding you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to get. This is a huge bonus!

Pleasant Staff

With environmental issues continuously increasing throughout the UK, it is probable that most of your employees will take pride in recycling at work, and in fact be happily willing to contribute to such a sustainable practice. A collaborative effort among employees will inevitably boost overall morale. Who wouldn’t appreciate a happy team at work every day? Of course, you’ll want to make sorting and recycling easily accessible and clear to your employees for it to be effective. Ensure you have designated bins in place for recycling a variety of material.

Improved Reputation

Purchasing and partnering with organizations who are dedicated to being green, is becoming increasingly important among consumers and clients; in fact, your environmental stance or lack thereof, could be enough to draw them in as potential clients or turn them off entirely. It can be a critical factor in whether one chooses you or a competitor to give their business to. With that said, having a recycling program in place can work in your favor and improve your reputation among these consumers.  Consider addressing your green practices or recycling program on your website, through social media, or through other online communication avenues so the message is clear. Depending on the type of business you operate, visitors may also determine this on their own naturally when they pop by your office in person.


We want to help your company achieve a cleaner environment through improved recycling practices! At Alpha Waste Solutions, we provide a wide selection of premium recycling and waste containers that allow our customers to collect and segregate waste in an environmentally conscious and cost-effective manner. We offer containers and bins for every space. We have the right solutions for your business!

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