Why it’s important to recycle in today’s climate

Why it’s important to recycle in today’s climate

No matter how many national campaigns are launched to urge a reduction in use of plastic packaging, toothbrushes and other items, the amount of waste materials generated worldwide each day is colossal and growing.

This means it’s more important than ever before to find new ways to recycle. It is also vital to incentivise individuals and businesses to play their part in the process of recycling, by segregating their waste efficiently and re-purposing whatever they can.

Rather than solely reducing the amount of rubbish that goes to landfill, recycling on an industrial scale helps the environment in another crucial way too. Re-using or re-purposing materials and items means less new manufacturing is required. Which means less energy is used, reducing carbon footprint.

If your business recycles, it may well have economic benefits, enabling you to work along lean manufacturing principles.

Another benefit of recycling can be found above ground too. Not all waste finds its way to landfill, which means the planet and its wildlife are at the receiving end of the negative effects of our discarded products, packaging and substances with alarming regularity.

A company that tangibly works hard to recycle can also gain PR benefits and show their stakeholders that they are responsive and caring. Contact Alpha Waste today to find ways your business can recycle more.